Top 5 most Loving Female Zodiac Sign

1. Taurus 

Taurus Female ranks first in the list of the Most loving and Caring zodiac signs.

As Venus is the ruling planet, Romance, and Love are built in the Taurus.

2. Cancer 

Cancer female has a pure heart. Cancer female can't think evil about others and ranks 2nd in this list.

3. Libra 

Libra females are queens of Justice. Libra females always stand against injustice. 

Again libra is ruled by Planet Venus just like Taurus so Libras are romantic as well as a loving female zodiac sign. 

4. Pisces 

Sensitive Pisces is known for its Kind nature and innocence. Beauty is god given as a gift to Pisces females. 

5. Leo 

It is 5th most loving zodiac sign because of its loyalty and Punctuality.

Leo females are so loving they cant break bonds very easily.

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